This loyal Japanese dog refuses to leave his friend.

Japan Earthquake/Tsunami (+5 days)



I saw this video of a dog who refused to leave his injured friend behind, it was totally touching!

A friend in Japan whom I am in the process of “interviewing” over email mentioned that the warm messages of people are what really helps the Japanese right now.

This show of loyalty and solidarity must surely inspire hope in the natural disaster stricken country right now.

The countries nuclear situation has not improved much, although Japanese forces are now water bombing the nuclear reactors, even as plant operators rush to establish power lines to revive the cooling systems.

While the disaster is not yet fully averted, there is hope as people are starting to reunite with those whom they thought they might have lost. The clearing of rubble has also enabled the defense forces to mount wider search and rescue efforts.

I’ll still post from time to time but will work instead of trying to get stories from Japan locals. Most of what you need to know you can find in the resources section.

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  • Chris BEAN Leung

    Thanks for diligently reporting on the Japan situation, Dan. Your emphasis on the human aspect of this unfortunate event is refreshing. We, on this side of the earth, need to realize that each Japanese has his/her own story to tell.. there’s power in story, every story.

    • Dan H

      Thanks for your support Chris! I agree that everyone has their own story, even in places that weren’t as affected by the tsunami. I think it reaches out to people more than just “the country” when you can put a name and/or face to it!

  • Anonymoose

    there was also this bird that tried to help a dead bird on the road…

    • Dan H

      LoL, ok Anonymoose, I know who you are!