Security camera footage of a van running over the two year old in China.

Two-year-old girl gets run over in China … and no one cares

The internet is abuzz with outrage after a security video caught a two year old girl, Yue yue, being run over by a van. About 18 people then walked past her as her body twitched, turned and lay in a pool of blood, not a single person offering a helping hand.

To make matters worse, she is run over by a second vehicle.

No one stops to help until a janitor walks by and pulls her off the road.

The video can be seen here: (warning, it will be disturbing to most viewers)

The incident raised a big question about China’s morality. Why did so many people leave an injured child unattended on the street?

One article in the Toronto Star noted a comment on popular Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo that said “Now people ignore everything other than money. This society is lacking people with a conscience badly.”

Is it all about money? One strictly about an unconscientious society where videos of dogs, cats and rabbits are mutilated and executed for pleasure?

On the China Smack site, one commenter brought up a slightly different story. One of a broken judicial system.

lgaxy [??????????]:

It isn’t ignoring, it’s not daring. If one were to encounter a Nanjing judge, one would be screwed.
[Note: “Nanjing judge” refers to the infamous 2006 case of a man named Peng Yu who helped a woman to the hospital after she had fallen only to have the old woman accuse him of knocking her down. The Nanjing judge in that case ultimately ruled that common sense dictated that only the person who hit her would take her to the hospital, setting a precedent that continues only further discourages and reinforces many Chinese people’s wariness to help others in similar situations.]

~ commenter on China Smack

I found a reference to the case involving Peng Yu.

Another friend mentioned that although North America is a litigious society where lawsuits abound, that we might never see this happen here.

A signed article in the China Youth Daily wrote that fears of liability are not an adequate excuse for not helping, and that this case exposes a decline of humanity in Chinese society.

~ Asia Times

According to this Toronto Star article, Ontario (province) and several other countries have Good Samaritan Laws that “protects from liability those who aren’t health care professionals who perform first aid on a victim at the scene of an accident.” If implemented in China, this would go a long way towards removing people from the fear of liability. It’s a simple act to pass and a very useful one.

That aside, the article also mentioned something that really angered me. This seems to show that the driver knew he hit the girl and left her to die for a lesser liability.

“If she is dead, I may pay only about 20,000 yuan ($3,180),” the van driver told the China Daily before he surrendered to police. “But if she is injured, it may cost me hundreds of thousands of yuan.”

~ Toronto Star

Incidentally, moving the child would not be the most intelligent thing to do. In these cases, unless you’re a certified first aid provider, do not touch the victim. Instead, create a protection zone around them (so they don’t get run over again) and call for help.

Aside from a possible lawsuit, moving the victim could generate more damage depending on the injury.

I was appalled that the bystanders did not at least call for help.

Last I heard, the child was brain-dead but under life support in a deep coma.

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  • JOE1234

    Everyone here can say how they are appalled but the fact is MOST people here and around the world who claim to be outraged about nobody stepping in to help injured or crime victims, are the same type of gutless cowards seen in this clip. ON:Y a minority of people ever help strangers in obvious need on the street. 90% of you are hypocrites – AND YOU KNOW IT- BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOU HAVE MADE EXCUSES TO IGNORE HELPING STRANGERS ON THE STREET IN NEED OF HELP.

    • James Sigman

      Yeah Joe, because you’re the authority, right? It’s one thing to ignore beggars at Walmart and it’s another thing entirely to ignore a young child who is bleeding out. Idiot

  • Stephaniektorres

    u guys are going to hell thats for sure it make me cry because i have a two year dauther and i will kill for her.malditos que se metan un palo por el culo

  • Stephaniektorres

    i think that the van driver is going to hell i dont think he will like some one run over his daugther or family and just make sure they are dead what king of person does that? oh i forgot one with out a soul!!!!!!!!!! dont deserve to be in our society i hope ur in prison paying for what u did and i hope that every kid in the china can be safe from animal like u because a real human being will never do that oh and please china people learn something from this

  • guest

    That’s how Chinese are, generally speaking.  Even if they don’t live in CHINA, only money is their GOD.  Money is the only thing that matters to them.  (Sorry, for the other Chinese who doesn’t live by this rule–there will always be exceptions to rules)

    • Dan H

      I think ____(insert race)_____ are always the worse in the world when something bad makes national headlines.

      What’s most important is on finding solutions based on the strengths of the society.

      Yes, people left that poor 2 year old to die. Yet, someone was wrongfully sued for helping out an old lady five years ago.

      So I think this could be the exception to the rule. 

    • lulz

      Are you saying you don’t like money?

  • d.f54


    • Dan H

      Well, I think many of the Chinese citizens are ashamed of the behaviour of those 18 people.

    • FUCKd.f54

      yes its sad how in 15 years those “slit eyed basterds” will be running the world (its bastard btw)

  • Declanoconnor62

    if they are willing to kill there own people just like that and have no respect or dignity they should be wipped off this planet.

  • Dec_steph

    so sad , they all wanna be blown up

    • Stephaniektorres91

      i agreed with u 100%

  • Xacto01

  • Beandj

    I have never seen something so sad in my live how people can walk by with no regard of a 2 year old laying there makes me sick how low and shallow people can be its a sad world.

    • Dan H

      @3b58c70e81f74dd8668210b556eee90a:disqus It truly is sad to see this. I hope the people of China learn a lesson from this incident. Something like a “Good Samaritan Law” could go a long way towards allaying their fears of litigation from helping a victim.