Daniel Hodesign, photography, journalism


I had a most amazing job being witness to history unfolding at a photojournalist. I shot for a few newspapers and magazines west of Toronto, Canada in the friendly warm communities of Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Burlington and Flamborough.


In December 2011, I decided to embark on a journey out east to Asia. I was born in Asia and never returned since moving to Canada. It was this place of mystery where I thought I would discover my roots. You can view my journey through my travel blog isnowhere.com

Logo / Graphic / Web Design

Prior to and during photojournalism I also take on web design clients. I develop their web sites and work with them to integrate the tool into their marketing strategy.

Creating a logo and corporate image is a part of that strategy. I also design flyers, posters. I also provide photography service for the web design.


My experience as a photojournalist has helped me to be creative and think quickly on the spot to communicate your story in many different scenarios. Those attributes have helped my success as a wedding and event photographer while travelling.


To fund my travels in Asia I work as a web developer, videographer and photographer. You may contact me regarding any of those services.